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The Birch Island Lake Association, BILA,  is a local, not-for-profit group made up of property owners from Birch Island Lake and surrounding area. We are dedicated to protecting the natural environmental health and beauty of Birch Island Lake and surrounding community. We also monitor developments which affect the environment of Birch Island  Lake and co-operate with other associations having similar objectives.
Typical Lake Association Meeting Officer's Table Water Quality Presentation
A Typical Lake Association meeting Board Members, Linda Kobilarcsik , Secretary (left), Tim Adair, President (center), Mary Kirby, Treasurer (right) Barry Borman gives a presentation on the latest quality report for Birch Island Lake
Board Members Barry's Nomination
Board Members (from left to right):  Linda Kobilarcsik (Secretary), Tom Schneiberg (Board Member at Large), Tim Adair (President), Barry Borman (Vice President), Arlene Borman, Gail Tesky (Board Member at Large), Mary Kirby (Treasurer), Betty Paskausky (Board Member at Large) Diane Gilbertson (center) and Betty Paskausky (left) announce the nomination of Barry & Arlene Borman for the Wisconsin Lakes Stewardship Award.