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The following books are excellent Wisconsin resources:
  • Birds of Wisconsin
  • Trees of Wisconsin
  • Fish of Wisconsin
  • Reptiles of Wisconsin
  • Wild Flowers of Wisconsin
  • Mammals of Wisconsin
  • Critters of Wisconsin (especially for children)


These books are all available at:

Gandy Dancer Books
Main Street
Webster, WI 54830


Burnett County Almanac ( 2003 ) Website Link
Wisconsin Outdoor News Website Link
Misc. Local Publications Link to Page
Recycling Current Listing of Recycling Centers Available for Download Download File
Education University of Wisconsin Extension Lakes Program Website Link
Newspapers Spooner Advocate Website Link
Burnett County Sentinel Website Link
Lake Associations Wisconsin Association of Lakes
Website Link
Burnett County Lakes & Rivers Association Website Link
North Sand Lake Website Link
Des Moines Lake Website Link
Government Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Website Link
Wisconsin State Statue 30 - Regulations for Navigable Waters, Harbors and Waterways.  Download Link ( 629 KB )
Burnett County Government Website Link
Shoreline Preservation & Restoration Burnett County Land and Water Conservation Department Website Link
Controlling Runoff and Erosion from Your Waterfront Property Brochure Download Link
Shoreline Buffer Restoration  Brochure Download Link
Restoration Stories Booklet Download Link
Wisconsin Land & Water Conservation Association, Inc. Website Link
Natural Resource Conservation Service - Wisconsin Website Link
Weather The Weather Channel Website Link