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Spring 2016  Meeting Minutes read at the Fall 2016 meeting for Approval

Sept 3, 2016


The Spring 2016 meeting was called to order by President Alan at 9:00am in the Lakeside Community church there were 70 people in attendance.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read by Sec Ruth Ralph. Moved for approval and seconded.  The treasurer’s report was given by Lynn and reports on each of the tables for review.   A motion was made to approve the treasurer’s report and it was seconded.

President Comments – Alan made a note to everyone to adjust the agenda on the table to read that the boat tie ups were at 5pm not 6, he also went on to state that there were “No Crisis’s on the lake during his term of president which started back in 2012.  He expressed his gratitude to the board and naturally many thanks to Lollie, and noted that we have 5 pair of loons on the lake and 5 chicks have been born to 4 pairs and there are 3 nests and how nice it is to see the recovery of the loons.  The lake has reached its highest water mark, according to Gil who has resided her since the 50’s – we are now at 997 above sea level.  Mary proceeded to give a few vice president comments and thanked Alan for his service and for being an advocate of our lake

Election of Officers: Greg Kvidera has been elected President, Roxanne Thomas Vice President.  Mary Loberg, director at large to fulfill Greg’s term, and Laurie Nelson to a director at large position.

Social Report: Lolly gave an update on the Boat tie ups from last summer – They were not always the largest but definitely fun was always had.  Reminder for the 4th of July boat parade on July 3rd at 1pm, decorate your pontoon and join in the fun, the ice cream social will follow at the Kilkare lodge. Note that if you are going to decorate your pontoon, please no balloons as they can be really dangerous to our waterfowl.

New & Old Business will move to the end of the meeting so we can hear from our guest speaker

Guest Speaker – Dave Ferris from the DNR, water conservation, Barry noted before Dave spoke that were are very fortunate to have Dave as he is one of the best!  Dave made note of a couple of dates coming up this summer June 24 is the NW Lakes conference in Spooner, and July 9th is Burnett lakes & Rivers will feature at program at Fort Folle Avone. He noted that Birch Island Lake has one highest numbers of participants in the shoreline preservation conservation.  There was discussion on Mil foil and a pamphlet was on the tables – just a reminder that you must also drain your live wells.  There are 4 lakes in the county with milfoil, ham lake and then 3 in the south west corner of the county. The DNR plans to have Interns at the landings at many lakes over the summer to help with observation and education.  Dave moved onto the high water, he noted that BIL is a ground water lake seapin, basically it seaps in one side and out the other, and moves very slowly.  We were heavy with water and in the fall and the spring which is the normal recharge times.  This pattern has existed for a couple of years in a row and it will take a couple of years of a very hot summer to lower the lake significantly.  What can you do?  Leave your shoreline alone, the lake plants actually act as a wake barrier.  Keep high speed boating to the middle of the lake and not near the shorelines.  Barry noted that our lake level went up 7.2” over the winter.  President Alan thanked Dave, and Dave noted he would be around at the end of the meeting to answer any questions.

Water Quality Report: Barry reminded everyone of the water quality website and that there is a link from the BILA site to water quality.  We currently have 963ft of surface water, there are 134 homes/cabins and thousands of feet of shoreline in trust.  Our normal rise in water over the winter is 6” this past winter we went up 7.2”.  The North basin has the best water quality, although the quality in the entire lake is very good.  All of our bays of water are in great shape.  Please visit the water quality web site as all the lake information is updated regularly.

Old Business: There was no old business

New Business:  Burnett county lake & River Association is asking for a funding contribution for ther land & water conservation department of $300 to help fund the intern fund. A motion was made and past that that we contribute $300 to the fund.

Voyager has put in a “day dock , that will allow people to get to the club house, it will be a T so there is room to tie a float plane to it – there is a sheet from Voyager her if anyone would like to see it.

Jackson Fire department – is inviting all lake associations to participate in the annual Chili Cook off on October 8.  The money that is raised is used to fund training and equipment for Jackson Fire Departments Dive team.  There are sheets on each table, if you have more questions, please contact Dan Campion, Jackson Fire Department, Chief

President Alan closed the meeting at 10:15 and wished all a wonderful summer



Birch Island Lake Association
August 29, 2016
BILA INCOME EXPENSES Start Balance $3,525.32
Dues $1,830.00 Membership/Dues      
BILA Donations $447.50 Ice Cream Social $437.13    
Ice Cream Social $100.00 Postage/Mailings/POBox      
BILA Merchandise   Donations to community groups $350.00    
Phone Book   Meeting Expenses      
Other Taxes      
subtotal                          $2,377.50 subtotal                                 $787.13 End Balance $5,115.69
H20Q INCOME EXPENSES Start Balance $5,685.58
Water Q donations $827.50 Water Quality (gas etc) $789.62    
Water Q other   Other      
subtotal                     $827.50 subtotal                                  $789.62 End Balance $5,723.46
Total Income           $3,205.00 Total Expenses                    $1,576.75 Total Balance   $10,839.15
     Paid Members=92